Make your stay at the White Vine House a gastronomic experience by dining at The Ambrette at Rye.

Situated on the ground floor in three exquisite dining rooms, Chef Patron Dev Biswal brings his multi-award winning culinary art to Rye. Naturally the restaurant is open to non-residents too, so booking is essential on Friday and Saturday nights.

A fusion of East meets West, Dev Biswal combines his skilful use of subtle and diverse range of spices from right across the Indian sub-continent, with locally sourced produce for an absolute culinary experience. To quote many a guest, 'a curry house it is not'.

And what could be better than a family get-together, a pre-wedding gathering, a group of friends, taking all the guest rooms and having your very own dining room. We'd be delighted to design your bespoke menu, seating plans, name cards etc.

Let us take care of all the details so you give yourself time to enjoy the best food, lovely rooms, a fabulous breakfast and most of all, our heartfelt hospitality.

From time to time the White Vine House and The Ambrette at Rye offer combined Dinner, Bed and Breakfast tariffs. Check our Special Offers page for details.

The Ambrette also has a diary of Special Event Menus, where diners can also book a nights' accommodation at the White Vine House at substantially reduced rates.

Please contact the White Vine House directly for details.

Further information, menus and on-line table reservations are on the Ambrette website.

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